Friday, 26 August 2011

Vintage Ties

“A top piece suit with an old vintage tie and a crisp white shirt, why you can’t go wrong sir”

Many guys in the world do not think twice about what tie they are buying. As long as it fits the color of their shirt then this will be good enough for them. Ties can play a huge role in setting an outfit apart from the rest. One way to really achieve this is with the help of vintage ties. Some of the patterns used say 20 years ago are rarely ever come across now which will make it unique and eye catching. I will always emphasize on this blog the importance of buying quality clothes made from quality materials. It is no different with ties. There is a reason that you can pay £125 for a plain black tie, and trust me it will look the money!

However it’s hard to get yourself to pay that amount of money for an item like a tie, after all you could buy a nice pair of shoes for that. Why not get the same quality tie for a fraction of the price? A vintage tie will look cooler and you can get say 10 for the price of one expensive one. A man can never own too many ties!

Where do you start looking and what brands / material to look for?
Brand affiliation is an article that will appear at a later date but the basics are that in my opinion a brand is a stamp of approval of quality. There is no reason why it should be plastered over your clothes and tie for that matter. Personally one of my favorite brands to look for is Ralph Lauren ties. They have done so many patterns over the years that it is guaranteed that you will find one for your taste. Moreover the likes of Gucci, Hermes and Christian Dior to name but a few will provide you with plenty other options. The quality of these top end brands will show, and should feel like a piece of pure silk around your neck. Yes they might have been worn before, but who cares? The invention of Dry Cleaning is a great thing.

Damn that’s a nice tie, oozes quality and at £50….

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