Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Art of Successful Sale Shopping

Remember Sale is a very powerful word!
Sales aghh the wonderfull world of sales.


Congratulations you are now reading the first ever post on The Pope Wears Prada!! To kickstart this blog we thought that there would be no better place to start than with some top advice on the art of sales shopping.

Creating a wardrobe on a budget can sometimes be hard. Wouldn’t we all like to just go out and buy that new Acne leather jacket that we have seen on their newsletter? but come on! When you’re spending a month’s salary on a jacket you sort of feel it’s not worth it.

The word sale is one of the most powerful words that a retailer will use to draw you in and make you purchase things that you normally wouldn’t. Why the hell would they have sales on all year round if this wasn’t the case? It’s about spotting the true sales from the fake ones. Most of the time you see that sale items are generally last season’s stock, however that doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. Most items will look good for years if not decades to come if they are a timeless classic piece. Macs, Brogues, Leather jackets, Blazers, are all timeless pieces.

Make sure you get there first!

There is nothing more frustrating than shopping through a sale on a website to see that all the best sizes have gone. I mean a size 5 shoe? It wouldn’t even fit on my hand. It is a very good idea to sign up to all the newsletters of sites that you are interested in. They will give you prior warning to an upcoming sale and sometimes will let you as a valued member shop it first. Oki Ni are great at this and there sale is one the best around along with

Personally I cannot remember the last time that I bought a full priced item, it is very rare that I do because I know that I can find everything I need at a very large discounted price either on eBay or some of the other online retailers out there.

Here is a list of some of my favourite online retailers out there:

A great site that lists all the upcoming and current sales. Be sure to check this one out regularly!

An article on  the world of clothes and eBay is to appear soon.

Boutique online sellers that offer some awesome vintage clothes. Can be on the expensive side though.

Hot Items at Real Sale Prices:

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